What is CADR?

CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate, and it is standardized system for reporting the effectiveness of a particular air purifier in removing smoke, dust and pollen from the air. CADR tests 3 types of challenges: smoke particles that measure 0.09 microns to 1 microns; dust particles in the range of 0.5 microns to 3 microns; and pollen particles in the 5 microns to 11 micron range. The higher the number the more effective the air purifier will be.

What is the CADR for the AmazingAir?

AmazingAir is independently tested by Intertek laboratories. When operated with the Gas Trap VOC filter, which removes pollutants in gas state (VOC's) and restricts the air flow by about 10%, these numbers are reduced by about 10%.

What are VOC’s?

VOC’s are Volatile Organic Compounds. They are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids. VOC’s include a variety of chemicals, some of which may have short- and long-term adverse health effects. Concentrations of many VOC’s are consistently higher indoors (up to ten times higher) than outdoors. VOC’s that may be present in our daily lives are: benzene, ethylene glycol, formaldehyde, methylene chloride, tetrachloroethylene, toluene, xylene, and 1,3-butadiene.

What does the Carbon/Gas Trap/VOC Filter remove from the air?

The dual action Carbon/Gas Trap/VOC Filter removes dangerous ozone, gas and volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde. The Carbon/Gas Trap/VOC Filter combines two types of media, one to remove gas and odours and a second to deactivate certain volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde. By combining UltraHEPA with Carbon/Gas Trap/VOC Filter, AmazingAir provides the ultimate pure air solution for you and your family.

What is Ultra HEPA?

The AmazingAir UltraHEPA filter is a custom fabricated filter consisting of 3 layers of laminated filters which together realize the efficiency and performance of the AmazingAir.

What is the difference between the Ultra HEPA filter and a basic HEPA filter?

HEPA is an acronym for High Efficiency Particulate Air. These filters are designed to capture particles that are 0.3 Microns. UltraHEPA captures particles down to 0.003 Microns. That is 100 times smaller than regular HEPA. Similar filters to the AmazingAir are used in hospital isolation rooms.

Does the AmazingAir remove ultra-fine particles from the air?

Yes it does. Recently there has been a lot of publicity regarding the health risk associated with ultrafine particles, also known as PM 2.5. Ultrafine particles are particles smaller than 2.5 microns, but 90% of ultrafine particles are actually smaller than 0.1 microns. These particles are created by cars, trucks, refineries, manufacturing and indoor cooking and are particularly worrisome because when they are inhaled they are deposited deep into the lungs and may be absorbed into the blood. These particles are linked to serious illnesses like heart attacks, strokes, asthma and cancer. Ordinary HEPA systems claim to remove particles down to 0.3 microns. AmazingAir's UltraHEPA has been independently tested to remove 100% of airborne particles at 0.003 microns in size, 100 times smaller than the HEPA standard.

What is an Air Ionizer?

Air Ionizers help remove aerosols, particulates, microbes and odours from your room.

What is unique about the AmazingAir’s ionizer (compared to other devices)?

The AmazingAir features an Air Ionizer which can be turned on or off, as you choose. Some Ionizers are known to create high-level ozone. The AmazingAir Ionizer will only increase the ozone level by a very small amount, the increase of ozone has been tested to be 0.001 ppm (Parts Per Million) with the Ionizer turned on. The typical background level of ozone in our environment is much higher than what is created by AmazingAir with the Ionizing function turned on. The recommended upper limits for ozone exposure is 0.050 ppm.

Does AmazingAir help protect against the Coronavirus?

Yes it does, a third-party laboratory test proves how effective AmazingAir is at capturing bacteria and viruses, something we are all very concerned about right now. In a standardized test room, AmazingAir removed 99.97% of the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2, COVID 19) from the indoor air. AmazingAir circulates air in a 84 m2 room 3x per hour (at an average ceiling hight of 2,65m). By using AmazingAir in your indoor space, you can create a corona-free environment for yourself and others.

Does AmazingAir capture mould?

AmazingAir captures mould spores. However, mould spores in the air usually mean that there is a mould somewhere in your house. You should make sure to find the source and get rid of the root of the problem with professional remediation, if necessary.

Why does the fan speed of my AmazingAir change by itself?

If you have auto mode selected, it might have detected polluted air, causing AmazingAir to increase the fan speed in order to clean the air faster.

Does the sealed system prevent filtered contaminants from recirculating back into the room?

The 100% sealed system in the AmazingAir prevents unfiltered air from bypassing the filters and recirculating contaminants back into the room.

Product Specifications

How often should I replace the filters?

How long the filters last depends on a couple of different factors. Specifically, the quality of the air in your home AND how many hours per day you operate your unit. Based on the air quality in the average home and 24/7 operation, the Gas Trap VOC filter should last 6 months and the UltraHEPA filter should last a full 12 months before they need to be replaced. If you operate your AmazingAir for only 12 hours per day, then the Gas Trap VOC filter should last 1 year and the UltraHEPA filter should last a full 2 years before they need to be replaced (in homes with average air quality).

How do I know when to replace filters?

Your AmazingAir comes with an automatic sensor which notifies you when it is time to replace each of the two filters mentioned above. (Note: There is also a 3rd pre-filter, which can be easily removed and washed. With proper care and under normal operating conditions, this filter should not need to be replaced.

How often should I clean the pre-filter?

For optimal performance, we recommend that you clean the pre-filter every month and leave AmazingAir in Auto mode. The pre-filter is a thin, black, flexible filter attached to the Carbon/VOC filter with Velcro, so they actually look like one filter. The pre-filter can be removed from the Carbon filter. We recommend giving your Pre-Filter a quick going over with a vacuum hose about once per month. The purpose of the pre-filter is to provide a barrier that captures large things like hair and dust particles, which would otherwise unnecessarily clog up the carbon filter and shorten its life.

The ‘change filter’ light is still on after replacing the filter(s), what to do?

To reset your Change Filter indicatory light, press the AUTO and DIM buttons together for 3 seconds. The CLEAN FILTER light flashes 3 times and then turn off completely, indicating the unit has been reset.

What is included when I purchase AmazingAir complete system?

AmazingAir comes as a complete set, including everything you need to start purifying the air in your home. If you want to, you can also order extra replacement filters, we offer one of two year discount packages via our webshop.

How fast does AmazingAir filter?

This depends on the size of the room. A measure on how many times an air purifier filters all of the air in a given room during one hour is called ACH, it stands for Air Changes per Hour. The ACH for a 225 m2 room is 1 ACH, 1,6 ACH for a 140 m2 room, 2,5 ACH for 90 m2 , 5 ACH for 46 m2 and 24 ACH for 9 m2 (ceiling height of 2.65 m).

How much space does AmazingAir cover?

AmazingAir is powerful enough to filter a 75 m2 room 3 times an hour (ceiling height of 2.65 m).

Does AmazingAir cool the air?

AmazingAir does not have a cooling function as this would result in a much lower capacity and it would also reduce the effectiveness of AmazingAir.


The filter light is always blue, does this mean my AmazingAir does not filter anymore?

AmazingAir is always filtering the air, even when the light is blue. If you run AmazingAir in Auto Mode, the air quality light will change and the fan speed will increase if AmazingAir detects a level of contaminants that is greater than can be handled by the current fan speed. Sometimes people have an expectation about when the light/fan should change, but AmazingAir may not require a greater fan speed to filter the current level of contaminants the sensor is detecting in the air. When the light is blue, it means that the fan speed is adequate to handle the level of contaminants that are in your air. It does not mean that your air quality is “perfect" and in no need of purification. The only reason for the air quality light to change and the fan speed to increase would be if there becomes a quite large amount of particulates in the air, for example, when a lot of smoke is produced when cooking something on the stove. This is a very obvious case that AmazingAir users observe, but there are plenty of times when cooking that the fan does not need to increase its speed. Again, it always depends on the level of contaminants the sensor detects.

How much electricity does AmazingAir use?

AmazingAir consumes 11 watts on the lowest setting and 95 watts on the highest setting. While electrical costs vary across Europe, it costs about €35,- to €50,- per year to run AmazingAir on Auto-mode 24/7.

What does AmazingAir weigh?

Amazing Air weighs 8,2 kg.

What are the dimensions of AmazingAir?

The dimensions of AmazingAir are (W) 40 x (D) 21 x (H) 58 cm.

Can I move AmazingAir?

Yes, it is possible to move AmazingAir. You can easily unplug and reconnect AmazingAir, no further installation is required. Also AmazingAir is not heavy and a handy size to move it around.

Is AmazingAir loud?

No, because AmazingAir uses exclusive Professional Whisper Jet fans that are 30% quieter than the fans found in ordinary air purifiers. The minimum noise level is 39 dB, and the maximum noise level is 59 dB.

Can I use AmazingAir with doors and windows open?

For airflow reasons, AmazingAir should not be placed in front of a fan or near an open window. We always recommend using AmazingAir while the windows are closed, especially from an environmental point of view. Because if you leave the windows open while using AmazingAir, it means that the clean air can directly escape again. In addition, we also recommend that AmazingAir is not placed directly against a wall, we advise that it is about 30 cm from the wall, so that air can still flow into the air quality sensor.

Payment methods

Which payment methods do you offer?

You can pay by credit card, iDEAL or Bancontact.

Do you offer payment plans?

No, we currently do not offer any payment plan.

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