The importance of clean indoor air

The importance of clean indoor air

Do you ever get headaches after sitting inside all day, or do musty smells hang around your house? Chances are that the air quality in your home is not optimal. Moreover, houses today are so well insulated that they are not properly ventilated. The solution? An air cleaner!

Indoor air

We spend 85% of our time indoors. Do you ever stop to think that the air in your house is probably not very clean? There are many factors that can cause indoor air pollution. These include wood smoke, cigarette smoke or pets. But even small, seemingly innocent things contribute to air pollution. Think about cooking, showering and breathing. This produces moisture, and if this moisture has nowhere to go, it condenses on windows and walls, causing mould to form.

From dust mites to pollen

Mould is not the only consequence of air pollution. Curtains, cushions and carpets are a Mecca for house dust mites. Open kitchens create unpleasant odours and allergens. Moreover, pets aggravate allergies. In addition, pollen, bacteria and other harmful substances come into the house from outside. Air pollution can lead to various health problems. These include headaches, lung diseases, (chronic) colds and coughs. Especially when you suffer from underlying conditions such as asthma, allergies or COPD, this is especially detrimental to your health.

Windows and doors

So it is important to have clean air in the house. You are probably tempted to open your windows and doors. A fresh breeze through your curtains quickly gives the feeling that you are letting in fresh, clean air.
 But our outdoor air is not that clean at all, especially if you live in the city. The harmful substances from the outside air also enter your living room. Moreover, extra oxygen does not automatically make the harmful substances inside disappear. Clean air is not only desirable in private homes. Companies also benefit from this. Think for example of schools, hospitals and dentists.

Air cleaner

The best way to ensure clean indoor air is an air purifier. An air purifier purifies the air and ensures that you can breathe again without worries. They suck in air, extract the pollutants and blow the clean air out again. The unpleasant dust remains in the filter.


But one air cleaner is not like another. Many air cleaners contain filters designed to capture particles as small as 0.3 microns. AmazingAir is designed to catch particles down to 0.0003 micron. This ensures that even ultra-fine particles are captured. AmazingAir is also equipped with an ioniser that helps remove aerosols, particles, microbes and odours from the room. Curious about the possibilities? Contact the specialists of AmazingAir for more information!

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