"With AmazingAir we invest in the health and quality of work"

"With AmazingAir we invest in the health and quality of work"

Eric is the CEO of Dimaros, an IT company that creates and develops technical concepts in the cloud. The combination of an old mansion and rooms full of equipment resulted in poor air quality. Add to that a pandemic and the choice for an air purifier was quickly made. Read here about his experiences with AmazingAir!'



'We have a young and fast-growing IT company. At the beginning of this year – before we had an Air purifier from AmazingAir – we switched offices. We moved to a beautiful, classic mansion in the center of the city. The building was renovated over fifteen years ago, but it is still stately and elegant, with high ceilings, graceful stained glass and beautiful details.'

Musty air

'The building had been vacant for a while before we moved in. It also has a classic cellar. In the past they had leakages quite often here. You could tell by the smell when we entered the building. It smelled very musty. The smell was not pleasant. In addition, as an IT company, we have quite a bit of equipment in the office. That does something to your air quality. I can't describe it well, but if you're in a room with only computers and other technical devices, then such a 'technical' air naturally starts to linger.'

(Fine) dust

“The building needed big maintenance after two years of being vacant. A few months ago we all did a big cleaning and the floors had to be renovated. The wooden floor had to be sanded. That, of course, brought a lot of dust with it. We had opened the windows, also for the stale air, but this only partially helped. Moreover, we are located on a busy road and a lot of fine dust entered the office through the open windows. Not a nice idea. Fortunately, our AmazingAir air filter arrived that same week. We were able to use it right away and immediately noticed a difference in the air quality.”


“Installing AmazingAir was a breeze. I work in the IT industry and am a real techie, but only when it comes to software. I was therefore skeptical about installing this device. But it was very easy. We only had to place a filter ourselves and everything was provided with clear stickers. The filter is also very durable. It is relatively small, but can filter very large spaces. The air in our 100m2 training room is completely filtered twice within an hour! In addition, the design of AmazingAir really appealed to us. People who walk into our office for the first time often think that it is some exciting, high-tech device. And it actually is. But it is very user-friendly.”


'The pandemic has also played a major role in our decision to improve air quality. We are very flexible allowing our employees to work from their homes, but some employees prefer to work at the office. We have taken measures for this, such as creating sufficient distance between the desks, but also wanted to be assured of clean air. With AmazingAir, we don't have to worry about this. The fact that this device destroys all aerosols and removes up to 99.97% of all Covid-19 particles from the air gives a nice and safe feeling.'

No brainer

'The majority of the European citizens have now had a corona infection. Miraculously, we have not yet had any infections amongst colleagues. We have spatially furnished our office with 1,5 meters between desks, but we actually think that the success is mainly due to the air quality that AmazingAir brings us. We also notice that good air quality is extra important for our colleagues and guests with sensitive airways. It is important to invest in health and quality of work. You should never save on that!'

Eric de Maar


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