A healthy life begins with healthy air

A healthy life begins with healthy air

Health is a precious asset that we all want to preserve. To stay healthy, we make conscious choices in our diet and lifestyle. An important aspect of this is breathing clean air. Unfortunately, the air we breathe is not as healthy as we would like, especially in urban areas where air pollution is high. But why is healthy air so important for a fit and vital life?

Healthy air around us

Air pollution is invisible. Yet, it ranks in the top 4 causes of illness and death. Adults breathe about 20 times per minute, and a baby breathes even twice as much. By breathing, we take in the oxygen our bodies need to produce energy and function properly. Breathing polluted air can lead to a reduced quality of life, a shortened life expectancy, and various health problems. Unhealthy air can, for example, contribute to asthma, COPD, or lung cancer. Are you curious about the air quality in your area? Take a look at this website.

Improving air quality

Several initiatives are underway to improve the quality of outdoor air. For example, you may have come across green roofs. You can also work towards better indoor air quality in your home. An air purifier ensures clean, healthy air in your living space. Quite a bit of polluted air enters your home, and indoors, you also contribute to air pollution on a small scale. For example, did you know that cooking with Teflon pans releases harmful fumes? But even cleaning products, cosmetics, or paint emit vapours into the air. This happens because these substances evaporate at room temperature and end up in the air.

Healthy air at home

How do you ensure good air quality in your home? Here are a few easy tips to follow: Keep ventilation grilles and/or (casement) windows open all year round. Clean the ventilation grille every year. Make sure there is a space under your door or a vent in your door. Increase ventilation during showering, cooking, or after having many visitors. Get an AmazingAir. With AmazingAir, you can truly make a difference in the air quality of your home! It monitors the air quality in your home, notifies you when it's time to replace the filters, and, most importantly, it removes unpleasant odours and air pollution in your living space. Curious about the possibilities? Feel free to contact us!

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