Getting some air: the facts

Getting some air: the facts

It is invisible, but also indispensable: air! It's probably something you don't think about very often because it's so obvious. You breathe it in and out continuously, without thinking about it. Because you can't see the sky (usually), it always remains a bit mysterious. Time for some clarification. 

Clean air can help prevent your winter dip  

You may recognise it; after a sun-drenched summer, more and more rainy days follow. It gets dark earlier, you get tired faster and prefer not to leave the house. You suffer from a winter dip! You probably don't feel like going out into the cold at that moment. But if you want to get rid of your winter dip, that's a good idea. Fresh air does a lot of good for body and mind. And if you also go for a walk in nature, you are doing even better. It is probably quieter there and the air quality is better than in the city. 

Rain contributes to clean air 

Few people like rain. It will make you wet and it will ruin your hair. And if you have cycled in a heavy rainshower you can still be cold for a long time. You would almost think that rain has no benefits, but it does! The precipitation that comes down causes aerosols to be removed from the atmosphere. The air is thus washed clean, as it were. Tip: open the doors and windows after a summer rain shower. That way you also provide fresh air indoors. But it is better not to do this in the cold months if you want to avoid a sky-high energy bill. A better solution for clean, fresh air is the AmazingAir air purifier. 

We live shorter due to polluted air 

You probably already knew that polluted air is not good for you. But research shows that we live even thirteen months shorter! We live nine months shorter due to nitrogen dioxide. Particulate matter even costs us four extra months of our lives. Polluted air can mainly be traced back to road traffic, households and industry. Cleaner air is therefore mainly found outside the city.   

Breathing polluted air is just as bad as smoking 

Smoking is bad for you. That's nothing new. But did you know that we inhale as many toxins every day as if we smoked five cigarettes? You're already doing a good job if you don't smoke. But you can make your lifestyle even healthier by taking into account the air you breathe. That means: walking outside the city a little more often!   


These facts and tips can help you try to breathe cleaner air outdoors. Nevertheless, the quality of the outside air remains something that you as an individual unfortunately have little influence on. On the other hand, you can provide clean air indoors yourself. The AmazingAir air purifier can help with that. Curious? Contact the AmazingAir specialists and discover the possibilities! 

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