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  • AmazingAir 4-in-1 Air Purifier

    €499 €629
    Saving €130

    AmazingAir combines our UltraHEPA filter with our proprietary dual action Carbon/Gas Trap/VOC ...

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  • AmazingAir Replacement Filters - Two Year Combo Pack

    €330 €410
    Saving €80

    Buy with discount? The Two-year combo pack includes two (2) UltraHEPA filters and four (4) Car...

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  • AmazingAir Replacement Pre-Filter


    AmazingAir Replacement filter is a thin black flexible filt...

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  • AmazingAir Carbon/Gas Trap/VOC Replacement Filter


    The dual-action Carbon/Gas Trap/VOC filter lasts for 6 months (under normal use) and removes t...

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  • AmazingAir UltraHEPA Replacement Filter


    AmazingAir UltraHEPA filters last for one year (under norma...

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