'AmazingAir relieved my asthma symptoms'

'AmazingAir relieved my asthma symptoms'
Marie-Anne (31) has been dealing with asthma symptoms for as long as she can remember. Since a young age, she has carried an inhaler, or "pump" as she calls it, in her backpack. Even the slightest air impurity triggers her asthma: "Often, I stand at the bus stop and people start smoking next to me. I feel very self-conscious when I start coughing, but it's enough to affect and irritate my lungs."

Genetically determined

"For me, asthma mainly means throat problems. I start coughing, have difficulty breathing, or in some cases, even wheezing. But I've also heard from people with asthma who experience severe eye problems, sneezing, or a blocked nose. In most cases, asthma is genetically determined," explains Marie-Anne. "I inherited it from my mother. She often complains about a blocked nose or itchy eyes."

Severe symptoms

"I rarely experience asthma attacks. I used to get very anxious about them, but now I've learned to cope with them reasonably well. It happens to me, for example, when people around me are smoking, but heavy perfumes, a lot of dust in the air, and strongly scented cleaning products also trigger it."

Found the solution

"On the advice of my doctor, I decided to look into air purifiers. Of course, this wouldn't help me much outside, but in the comfort of my own home, I found it important to breathe freely. According to my doctor, an air purifier could potentially help with that. I was looking for a powerful air purifier that could make a noticeable difference without having a large, bulky device in my apartment. That's how I discovered AmazingAir."

Positive experiences

"I've had the device in my home for a few months now, and I can confidently say that I notice a real difference. It's very quiet, so I don't have any issues when I want to watch a series or sleep. After hearing my enthusiastic stories, my boss also placed an AmazingAir in our office. It's incredibly thoughtful, and even my colleagues without asthma are highly satisfied with it. So now, in the two places where I spend most of my time, I always have fresh air, and that smoke at the bus stop is somewhat more bearable."
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