Purified air, compact design: Introducing the AmazingAir 2000

Purified air, compact design: Introducing the AmazingAir 2000

Air quality has become a critical part of our health and wellness discussions. Clean air is essential, just like clean water and healthy food. Surprisingly, the air inside our homes can be up to five times more polluted than outside air, filled with everything from ordinary dust to dangerous viruses and chemicals known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). A good air purifier acts like a silent protector, improving your home's atmosphere and your family's health by capturing these hidden threats, giving you peace of mind with every breath. 

About AmazingAir 

AmazingAir leads air purification technology, merging advanced innovation with unparalleled efficiency. Independent laboratories have rigorously tested our purifiers for reliability and performance, confirming them as pillars of trust and excellence.  

Our purifiers effectively remove 99.97% of the live SARS-CoV-2 virus from the air in controlled test chambers, demonstrating our commitment to addressing significant health threats. For those interested in detailed evidence of our purifiers' performance, we offer full research studies for download. 

Beyond viruses, AmazingAir's purifiers consistently eliminate 99.99% of the bacteria and viruses tested, underlining our commitment to pristine indoor environments. 

Our purifiers capture the smallest airborne particles—those as minute as 0.003 microns, invisible to the naked eye. Rigorous independent testing has proven that our devices can filter out such tiny particles, including a wide range of VOCs, ensuring your indoor air is free from pollutants you can't see. 

Introducing the AmazingAir 2000 

The AmazingAir 2000 represents our newest breakthrough, tailored explicitly for the air quality demands of smaller environments. Here are the standout benefits that make the AmazingAir 2000 a crucial upgrade for your space: 

1. Optimised for smaller spaces: 
Ideal for nurseries, home offices, and medium-sized bedrooms, it ensures purified and healthy air precisely where you need it.

2. High-efficiency air circulation:
It refreshes the air 4 times per hour in spaces up to 28 m² and twice per hour in areas up to 56.5 m², maintaining consistent air quality, with an average ceiling height of 2.6m. 

3. Advanced 3-stage filtration system:
Features the UltraHEPA filter to capture ultrafine particles alongside a dual-action Carbon VOC filter that tackles allergens and neutralises VOCs. AmazingAir 2000

The AmazingAir 3000 is ideal for larger spaces due to its wide coverage, while the AmazingAir 2000 is specifically tailored for smaller areas, ensuring efficient air purification without the need for a larger unit's capacity.

Below, a comparison highlights the unique features and capabilities of the AmazingAir 2000 and AmazingAir 3000: 

AmazingAir 2000 vs. AmazingAir 3000: at a glance  


AmazingAir 2000 (NEW) 

AmazingAir 3000 

Room Size Coverage 

28 m2 4X/hour 

56.5 m2 2X/hour 

58.5 m2 4X/hour 

117 m2 2X/hour 

CADR (smoke) 

162 CFM 

340 CFM 

Air Quality Particle Sensor 



Air Quality Indicator Light 



Auto Mode 



Wifi Connectivity 



Fan Speeds 




1 Pre-Filter (attached to Carbon/VOC filter) 
1 Carbon/VOC Filter 
1 H13 UltraHEPA filter 

1 Pre-Filter (attached to Carbon/VOC filter) 
1 Carbon/VOC Filter 
1 H13 UltraHEPA filter 

Recommended Filter Change Frequency 

Carbon/VOC Filter: Every 6 months 
UltraHEPA H13 Filter: Every 12 months 

Carbon/VOC Filter: Every 6 months 
UltraHEPA H13 Filter: Every 12 months 




Sound Levels 

Lowest: 40 dB 
Highest: 55 dB 

Lowest: 39 dB 
Highest: 59 dB 


35 cm (W) x 17 cm (D) x 47 cm (H) 

40 cm (W) x 22 cm (D) x 58 cm (H) 


4.5 kgs 

8 kgs 


Built-in, recessed handles 

Built-in, recessed handles 


This comparison clarifies the distinct features of each model, helping you choose the air purifier that matches your specific needs for air quality and room size.   

Choosing the AmazingAir 2000 brings advanced technology to smaller spaces. It effectively improves air quality, ensuring personal spaces receive comprehensive filtration. The AmazingAir 2000 builds on innovation and efficiency, tailored to meet air purification needs.   

Our filters 

Every AmazingAir purifier features an advanced filtration system, ensuring unparalleled air purification. Each model includes two essential filters to keep the air you breathe purified. 

UltraHEPA filter 

The UltraHEPA Filter exceeds traditional HEPA filters by capturing 100% of ultrafine particles down to 0.003 microns, which is significantly more effective than standard HEPA filters. It precisely traps allergens, bacteria, and virus particles, providing adequate protection against microscopic contaminants. 

Dual action carbon/gas trap/VOC filter 

The Dual Action Carbon/Gas Trap/VOC Filter complements the UltraHEPA by targeting gaseous pollutants and odours. It uses activated carbon to absorb toxins and neutralises gases, including ozone. It also removes VOCs like formaldehyde, ensuring the air is free from harmful chemicals. 

These filters form an effective barrier, neutralising a wide range of airborne pollutants to improve indoor air quality. With AmazingAir, you get a comprehensive purification system for healthier indoor air. 

Invest in the AmazingAir 2000 today to enhance your indoor air quality. Its cutting-edge purification technology offers a dependable way to secure healthier air for your space. 

Make the smart choice for your well-being and bring the AmazingAir 2000 into your home or office now! 

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